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It’s a toss-up whether Don Jon owes its sincerity most to Joseph Gordon-Levitt the actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt the writer or Joseph Gordon-Levitt the director, as he serves all three roles admirably in this film. Throughout all its quirks, Don Jon is the most earnest movie about pornography you’ll see this year.

Alors que les recherches pour retrouver Laëtitia Perrais, portée disparue depuis mercredi matin à Pornic, se poursuivent, le principal suspect a quitté ce samedi à 11H30 la gendarmerie de Pornic pour être transféré au palais de justice de Nantes.

Amanda Seyfried wore heavy red lipstick like Linda Lovelace in a gorgeous blue Gucci dress with co-star Peter Sarsgaard at a special screening of “Lovelace”. She stopped to chat with us and tell us she wants more roles like she had in this film.

Et aussi des oiseaux au barbecue, un énorme accident d’avion filmé en Afghanistan, un président qui se ramasse pendant une course de chevaux, des animaux qui profitent de chaque instant, etc…

Et aussi Laurence Ferrari taclée par Arthur, le Gangnam Style russe, Guillon qui se fait jeter de l’UMP, un moment d’égarement de Jean-Michel Apathie, du rêve avec Michelle Janneke, etc…

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L’addiction au porno de Jon s’avère problématique quand il rencontre la femme de ses rêves (Scarlett Johansson), qui elle cultive une passion pour les comédies romantiques…

The clip arts-and-crafts from It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010) with Emma Roberts, Emma Roberts. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

Well, well, well !
Still working on it, Cool Craig?
lt’s not what you think.
l think the two of you were playing the question game outside.
That’s what l think.
Well, l guess it is what you think then.
l thought so.
This is free period arts recreational therapy for you latecomers.
l’m Joanie, recreation director.
l’m Craig.
Well, materials are on the table, Craig. So just go for it.
That’s okay. l don’t really draw.
Sure you do. lt doesn’t have to be representative,
it can be abstract, whatever you want.
Well, l’ll just hang out, if that’s okay.
Everybody? Our new guest, Craig,
is having what we call an artistic block.
He doesn’t know what to draw.
How about beavers?
Humble, we do not draw the sort of beavers you’re talking about.
Oh, really?
That’s actually nice.
l thought it was gonna be a vagina. That’s nice.
Rolling pin !
What was that, Roger? Did you say something?
This is weird.
Look, she’s not gonna get off your back until you draw something.
Can be anything.
l bet you got some crazy stuff in that messed up little mind of yours.
America has created the Iongest

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