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Cette semaine dans Chroniques2Geeks, on vous parle d’un mini-PC super design, d’un énorme canon railgun, de la montre intelligente d’Apple, des cybersoldats de l’armée et des futurs films X en réalité virtuelle. Accrochez-vous !

“I made a porn video with my roommate because we’re broke, and can’t afford rent.” All confessions courtesy of Whisper.

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Taiwanese artist Lin Ying-yu (林英玉) opened an exhibition in the port of the coastal city of Hualien on Wednesday to showcase his latest work, the Tetrapod Goddess (消波女神), a piece consisting of eight full-figured humanoid sculptures standing atop large tetrapods. According to the artist, the work is intended to convey a message against utilitarianism.

The nude goddesses are intended to bear a resemblance to the essence of mother nature, while the tetrapods are intended to signify blessing and protection.

The Taiwanese artist’s message isn’t all starry-eyed, though. Lin leveled criticism at Dutch artist Florentijin Hofman’s popular giant rubber duck, which travelled to three Taiwanese cities over four months. His exhibition has managed to garner high praise from members of the public and will run until April 7th.


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