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A pregnant woman going into labor was turned away at a clinic in Mexico. Irma Lopez was turned away by a nurse because she was only 8 months pregnant and not ready to deliver. She was forced to give birth on the front lawn of the clinic. A passerby took a photo and it made it to the front page of La Razon de Mexico. This prompted the government of Oaxaca to fire the clinic director and conduct an official investigation into the incident.

Nude seflies “stolen”: Unfortunately for New Yorker Pamela Held, one sleazy cop is under investigation for looking at her erotic pictures when he confiscated her iPhone, deciding he’d like to keep them for his spank bank and sending himself copies.

Spotting a Nissan Sentra without an inspection sticker on Feb. 6, New York police pulled the car over. Five officers with the 104th Precinct in Queens spoke with Held and her friend.

One officer found a bottle of prescription meds, and the two women were hauled into the station on suspicion of drug offences.

Held told the policeman she was visiting a friend and had texts to prove it, before handing over her phone and passcode. She says officer Sean Christian found explicit images meant for her boyfriend and copied them for his own use.

After leaving the station she looked through her phone and was horrified to see her photos had been sent to an unfamiliar number.

Held’s lawyer worked with a private investigator to trace the strange number back to officer Christian. She is suing the city’s police department.


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A Florida woman was stuck 22 feet in the air after she failed to escape a raising drawbridge.

The Arsenio Hall Show Season: 1 Episode: 22 The funny MTV hosts told Arsenio about being surprised by Justin Timberlake and why one of them took off her top at work.

Episode 29 – Soulcalibur VS Killer Instinct! The ultimate battle to decide who has the most powerful boobs in gaming! Yes, you read that right.

In today’s show we talk about women throwing each other off cliffs, Kate Upton on a horse, new Instagram video, and everything else that mattered to me!

Today we’ll unearth a rare recording of Steve Jobs forecasting the iPad 27 years before its existence — speaking of Jobstradamus, we’ll also take a look at a disturbing wax statue of the Apple icon causing panic in Xi’an, China, learn how rapper Machine Gun Kelly got himself kicked out of the Microsoft store for life, and a campaign to end the word “really!?” from the collective lexicon.

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Lady Gaga Goes Naked – Mother Monster went all nude for the cover page of renowned fashion magazine, V Magazine. Check out the smoking body of Lady Gaga and tell us if the Artpop artist is Hot or Not in this video.

Jennifer Vaughn Nude – Subtropical Strip (Playboy Cybergirl of 2013)
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