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A group of Iranian women have stripped off for a new video in a protest against sexual oppression in their native country. The ladies, who are living in exile in Europe, pose naked in front of the camera as they each deliver a defiant message. Their slogans include ‘I believe in the equality of women and men’ and ‘my thoughts, my body, my choice’. Like us on facebook Re: Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar video link tags: Alia Egypt Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar تقويم انقلابيون برهنه ٬ يک ابتکار اعتراضي بين المللي “Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar”

Nudists in Vienna, Austria attended a “nude men” art exhibit. BoozWheez = Please subscribe for regular updates ….. = Like my Facebook page

Enjoy this candid Backstage Interview with Porn Starlet Carla Mai at DDF Studios Budapest and listen to her talking about her super-charged sexual life in London.

Man caught masturbating in a Kentucky fire station turns out to be porn actor Donny Wright. Very method of him!

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Um die Verbreitung von HIV zu verhindern, soll für Porno-Darsteller in Los Angeles künftig eine gesetzliche Kondompflicht gelten. Auf der weltgrößten Branchenschau in Las Vegas gibt sich die Branche entsetzt – und droht mit Abwanderung, falls die Regelung tatsächlich umgesetzt wird. AFPTV hat sich auf der Porno-Messe umgehört.

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