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St. Valentine’s Day celebration 2014, Latvia, Sigulda

Nine couples of courageous young people, naked, did bungee jumping from the aerial funicular in Sigulda, Latvia, this way celebrating the St. Valentine’s Day. This way the all lovers’ day has been celebrated for the first time in the world.
Young age, love and craziness accompany each other! This was proven by the reckless lovers who, confirming their feelings and trust to each other, went together against fears and challenges. In spite of the harsh Latvian winter, with the air temperature being below zero, the young people jumped naked over the frozen Gauja — the longest river in Latvia.
The setting arranged by the organisers was appropriate for the holidays — each jumper wore downy G-strings and downy safety belts. The naked jumping required not only a certain emotional courage, but also physical endurance — each jumper had to stay naked for about 15 minutes — counting the preparation, jumping, reaching the landing place.
“Regardless of the winter circumstances, the responsiveness to this campaign was so big that we had to hold a draw! This is just the proof of the fact that people are yearning for extraordinary and crazy activities to make their routine life brighter. Enamoured, crazy and naked — such were the young people who dared to participate in this adventure! As the participants acknowledged, it was a fantastic experience for them to be remembered all their life and a completely untypical activity to be performed together with their soulmates,” said the event arranger Juris Nečajevs.
Sigulda is one of the most popular places for tourism in Latvia. Being located just 50 km away from Riga, Sigulda offers beautiful landscapes and the 800 years old palace, as well as extensive opportunities for active recreation that make this place very romantic for lovers. The naked bungee jumping was organised by — they have been providing bungee jumping activities in Latvia for 25 years. Every year there are about 3 000 active persons who come to jump. Find more about bungee jumping in Latvia at
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Let your love be stronger than a bungee cord!

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