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The new trend in South Korea is alphabetizing women. Instead of the ?hourglass? figure, the S-figure denotes a big bust, big butt body shape. O-shape means a woman is obese, X-shaped signifies long legs and a small waist. South Korea is currently in a ?plastic surgery boom? with 20% of women opting for the procedure.

TCSV Womens Volleyball Training Camp

A group of women protesting against the death of their relatives in a road accident were thrashed and kicked allegedly by some policemen in Uttar Pradesh on Monday night.(Read more)
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Whether oversharing or an accident, these stars’ nude photos were more awkward than sexy. We are counting down the worst! 

Golden Globe Awards 2014: Leonardo DiCaprio gets mocked by Tina Fey for sleeping with models with a gross vagina joke. Subscribe! Starr…

An Arizona woman is facing murder and attempted murder charges after she allegedly poisoned her children and stabbed her husband on Christmas.

Eva Longoria has been named Maxim’s ‘Woman of the Year.’ Seem random? Well….believe it! Eva dishes on the exciting news herself. 

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Today I did the dirty secrets tag! Had some fun answering these weird questions haha!

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Jessica Simpson is still smitten with her fiancé, Eric Johnson, claiming that he looks great naked.


Here’s the wiki page,

Also he was a total dick –
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