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A New York woman is suing the NYPD for denying her the right to bare her breasts in public. Jessica Krigsman was arrested in Brooklyn Park by officers after refusing to cover up while sunbathing topless. Krigsman told the officers it was her right to be topless, citing a 1992 NY Court of Appeals ruling stating the right to bare one’s chest in public is legal for a woman as it is for a man. She was arrested, charged with obstruction and held for 5 hours but the charges were dropped.

Courtney Stodden boob popping drunken night. Check out Courtney Stodden getting drunk and showing off her boobs in this video.

After it made headlines around the world, Lamar Odom has stopped following a porn feed on Twitter.

The Shield Season: 5 Episode: 7 Two friends of an accused murderer are busted by the Strike Team watching a disturbing video.

Watch What Happens Live Season: 10 Episode: 64 Rachel Maddow and Michael Strahan guess whether the photo is of a porn star or a politician.

Rooftop Comedy films stand-up comedy 7 nights a week in the best comedy clubs around the world bringing you instant access to the biggest headliners and a first look at the new voices of comedy.

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