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Demi Lovato may be the latest celebrity involved in a hacking scandal as nude pics are allegedly being shopped around. Radar Online has confirmed that they have been offered to purchase X-rated images of the songstress. Receiving an e-mail, believed to be from a computer hacker, the seller exposes 20 images of Lovato and writes, “these are Demi. The collection I have show some nudes…I have pictures of her getting rowdy, I can guarantee you these photos are legitimately of Demi.” Radar claims there are some telltale signs that the images are of Lovato, including 12 black birds tatted on her right forearm, but they have been unable to confirm that the images are authentic and have chosen not to publish them.

Maxx, a Michigan woman was caught on camera kicking snow on a cat when said cat jumped on her face. She claims she was just trying to protect her mother’s dog, and others say the whole thing is a hoax. (see full color/quality images here) Got an appetite for more painting madness? Subscribe! Music by Interpol.

Los Senos estan “en todos lados” el 65 % de las mujeres dijo:que no le gusta el tamño de sus senos.En el 2006 26.000 Mujeres se Operaron.El 50 % opinò que te…

They don’t use this anymore of course….I think they stopped using it at least 2 months ago.

Hmm, shoulda got one of these when I was upgrading my wife’s scooter.

Zack and Miri make a Porno had it’s Chicago premiere at the 44th Chicago International Film Festival October 21st. Kevin Smith was on hand afterwards to answer the audiences questions

Snooki says she only plans to gain 25 pounds during her pregnancy, so she better slow it down on the deep fried pickles because she’s already gained 15 in her boobs alone. She says this is pretty much all she has gained, They’re huge. She tells In Touch, they’ve ballooned from a C to a D cup. And while she may complain that her huge boobs hurt at night, Snooki swears they will go down when she breastfeeds, then shell get a boob job.

Alumnos de la Universidad de Deusto han afirmado que les “estaban llegando foto de chicas y chicos desnudos”, en relación a la difusión masiva de imágenes íntimas de jóvenes, que se ha imputado a la red wifi de este centro universitario. “Se corrió el bulo de que eran de aquí (los jóvenes desnudos de las fotografías y vídeos) y se armó una gorda”, ha declarado uno de ellos.

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Jennifer JWoww Farley experiences a wardrobe malfunction on the way to a public event. How close has she come before?

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