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i wish i had known about these tricks 80 years ago so here u go Clue – fav period tracker app!…

Kim Kardashian just revealed the whole enchilada. More pics just surfaced from the Paper Magazine photo shoot with famed photog Jean-Paul Goude. The pics were taken in Sept. during Paris Fashion Week. We’ve learned this pic was taken after the now-famous ass photo, when Kim decided to put everyone on display. As we reported, this is Kim’s last stand before getting pregnant again, which she plans to do shortly.

The search for five crewmen missing off the Tit Bonhomme enters its fifth day.

La historia trata de Yuuki Rito, un muchacho de instituto que no puede confesarse a la chica de sus sueños, Sairenji Haruna. Un día de regreso a casa una misteriosa chica desnuda aparece de la nada. Su nombre es Lala y ella viene del planeta Deviluke, donde es la heredera del trono. Su padre quiere que ella vuelva a su planeta natal para así poder casarse con uno de los candidatos a marido, pero ella decide que quiere casarse con Rito para quedarse en la Tierra. Han ordenado al comandante Zastin traer a Lala de regreso y combatir a Rito. él le informa al emperador que Rito sería el adecuado pra casarse con Lala, después de escucharlo decir que el matrimonio es imposible a no ser que sea con la persona que se ama ( de hecho Rito se estaba defendiendo a si mismo, pero Zastin y Lala pensaron que él estaba defendendo a Lala). Con este discurso, Lala realmente se enamora de Rito y decide que quiere casarse con él. Su padre decide que, si Rito es capaz de proteger a Lala de sus pretendientes, entonces él puede ser su novio, pero si Rito no puede proteger a Lala de sus pretendientes, matará a Rito y destruirá la Tierra.

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I give out my opinions on Naked Womens’s Wrestling League (NWWL)

Some of thw Women on the Roster are

April Hunter
Becky Brady
Harriet Bush
Fuego Felina
Layla Hussein
Twin Peaks
Trish The Dish

If you want to see the rest of the roster then search for NWWL and you should find the offcial website.

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Enrique San Francisco: Así nos va, que evolucionamos del mono que solo tiene dos tetas

From Florida: A naked Miami man impaled his leg on fence while trying to elude police after assaulting woman.

God bless Florida! Just when you thought you might have to report on something dreary like Syrian chemical weapons inspectors, a guy goes and impales his leg meat on a fence while fleeing police. Oh! And he was wearing his birthday suit, because, Florida.

Before sunrise Tuesday morning, a man a woman was assaulted and called the police on her assailant. When police arrived, they found the man, naked except for his tennis shoes, fleeing the scene of the crime. They pursued him, but his cheetah like agility almost allowed him to get away, until he tried to jump a fence, but instead ended up penetrated by it. Only one type of assault goes with nudity, but it would be in poor taste to make light of such a crime, or the apparent karmic retribution visited upon the assailant’s person by the spike in the fence. I’m just sayin’.

Emergency responders had to cut away part of the fence and send it to the hospital along with the attacker, whose leg was still gripping the spike like a Chinese finger trap.


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