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An 18-year-old woman told police she was taken to the homes of two different men in one night for sex after they were shown a naked photo of her, an Ottawa courtroom heard Monday during the trial of an alleged teen prostitution ring.
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According to witnesses, two people recently were seen hopping onboard a 35-foot docked vessel used by Juneau Whale Watching. Shortly thereafter, the police removed them from the boat. They were described as naked and drunk.

What better way to enjoy a warm summer day than to take a boat tour?

It’s usually good fun and doesn’t get you in any trouble but that was not the case for one man in Alaska who was arrested.

The police were called at a little before 2:30 in the morning on a recent Saturday.

According to witnesses, two people were seen stumbling from a dock. They then hopped onboard a 35-foot vessel used by Juneau Whale Watching.

The Associated Press reports that several locals watched as the ship took off and did circles in the water. The Coast Guard immediately responded and took control of the ship.

A man and woman were removed from the boat. They were described as naked and drunk.

The 27-year-old man works as a crewman on the whale watching ship.

He was charged with driving while intoxicated and felony vehicle theft. Police decided to let his female companion go without facing any legal repercussions.

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The clip lets-go-to-a-hotel from Lost in America (1985) with Albert Brooks, Albert Brooks. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

Look at those bells. This is exciting. I like it. Let’s go!
-Aren’t you tired? -I’m excited!
I think we should do this tomorrow.
We’re here. Let’s do it now!
I think we should do it tomorrow. We’ll both be up and be fresh…
We should get married at the crack of dawn.
Okay, great idea. We’ll camp out under the stars, we’ll come back…
…we’ll be the first couple of the new day.
Great. Let’s do it.
Are you sure we want to camp out?
Yeah. Don’t you want to camp out?
Why don’t we make this like a real old-fashioned honeymoon?
Let’s go to the best hotel, get a honeymoon suite and just celebrate.
We don’t want to stay in Las Vegas. It represents everything we left.
It’s the worst money-grabbing place in the world.
Just tonight. Wouldn’t it be fun to have room service…
…make love in a big bed and watch porno movies?
Wouldn’t that be fun?
Porno movies?
We want to touch lndians.
We will, but just tonight, then never again.
We can take a bath together in one of those big tubs.
-You want to bathe together? -Yeah.
We haven’t taken a bath together in a long time.
Will this make you happy?
It’s yours.

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