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Alrededor de mil participantes de todo el mundo se han reunido en Deauville, en el norte de Francia, en lo que ha sido la octava edición del Foro de la Mujer, también conocido como el “Davos de las mujeres”. El leitmotiv de las decenas de eventos que se han celebrado en tres días ha sido cómo conseguir el crecimiento económico. Numerosos expertos, directores ejecutivos, políticos y acad…

Wonder Woman may be joining Zack Snyder’s Superman VS Batman movie. A casting call for her character type is out to Olga Kurylenko, Gal Gadot and Jamie Alexander.

Gisele Bundchen is one of the most successful super models on the planet. And now, thanks to a new fashion spread for Vogue Paris, the 33-year-old mother of two, shows off her ridiculous abs and toned body posing naked opposite herself. Kristina Behr (@KristinaBehr) has the details.

Miley Cyrus’s highly anticipated MTV EMAs performance is almost here. Several hours prior to hitting the red carpet, Cyrus tweeted a naked selfie—because why not—while getting ready. “I got that shower time showerrr time selfiiiie #happyemas,” she tweeted, along with three alien emoji icons.

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The clip dave-and-olivias-date from The Change-Up (2011) with Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Reynolds. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

Yeah. Tight as a drum.
Wouldn’t mind putting my drumstick in it.
Ooh! Really? Ha. Keep going.
I like how big and fat those tits have gotten.
This little calf wants to get her mouth on the udders.
And I think that I want you to fuck me like you just got out of jail.
Roger that.
And you don’t even have to go down on me because I know it’s late.
Appreciate it. All right, turn around.
Oh! What are you doing? Here we go.
What do you mean? I thought you said you wanted to have some sex.
Yeah, but not like two dudes at a rest stop, okay?
Okay, I got it. Want to go grab me three Q-tips?
How about we just do what we always do?
What, do you mean with a lot of eye-Contact and real personal?
Uh-huh. Come here. I love you.
Yeah. Oh, don’t say that.
Let’s not… How about no talking, okay?
We can do some silent sex. Seriously.
Kiss me. No, no, no. No talking.
All right, let me kiss a shoulder first. Okay? Okay.
There you go. Where’s that hand going?
Hello! Did you shave your balls?
Who doesn’t love a couple of smooth criminals?
Is that why there was all that pubic hair in the drain?
I would bet, yeah. Why are you still soft?
I don’t know. Can we try the no-talking for just, like, three minutes?
That’s all it’s gonna take, okay?
Let’s do it like we did it on our wedding night.
No, no, no. Jamie, what are you talking about, our fucking wedding night?
God! I can’t do this! Why not?
I cannot believe I can’t do this!
What the hell is happening? God damn it!
You don’t want to have sex with me?
Yeah, I want to have sex with you.
I’ve wanted to have sex with you since the sixth grade!
I mean, you should be a mess by now,
but things are not… Well, let’s do it!

The clip shooting-the-first-scene from The Change-Up (2011) with Matthew Cornwell, Ryan Reynolds. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

Oh, look at that. That looks like fun.
Ready for you on set.
Anything I can get you? Vitamin water or Pellegrino?
No, thank you. I just have a quick question.
What does that mean, there, "TS?"
Titty shot.
And, "BTS," right there?
Bouncing titty shot. Bouncing titty shot.
Steve Driver, coming to the set.
I’m just curious, what kind of movie is this?
It’s a Iorno.
I’m not familiar with that genre. Is that European?
Lorno, "Light porno." Tits and shadows.
You ever hear of Skinemax?
Oh, no.
Come on, big guy.
– No, no, no. – More oil.
Make him shiny like fish.
Are you the one in charge here?

The clip mitch-and-dave-switched-bodies from The Change-Up (2011) with Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Reynolds. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

Whose fucking kid is that?
What is with all these goddamn pillows?
Jamie! Jesus!
What? That’s fucking disgusting!
Put those tits away, this isn’t Africa!
What am I doing in this bed? Did I sleep here last night?
Did I fucking nail you?
Are you still drunk?
Where is Lockwood?
What the fuck?
Oh, my God.
I’m Dave?
Oh, my God!
Open the goddamn door, Dave.
Come on, open up the door, right now.
Come on, buddy, open up the door immediately.
Let’s do it.
Dave, come on. Open up the door, right now!
– Okay, I’m awake. – Open up this fucking door!
Open the goddamn door, Dave!
Why am I in your apartment?
Dave, hurry up, open up the door!
– Something very bad has happened. – Wait until you see me.
Wait until you see you! Jesus Christ, relax.
– Super freaky, dude. – Let’s do it!
What the hell is this?
I knew it. Oh, my God.
Jesus Christ, what the fuck is this?
Look at this.
Yeah, it’s you.
And this is all me. All of this shit is mine.

A mystery woman took a video of Justin Bieber in bed at a mansion in Brazil. Rumors began swirling immediately that she is a hooker, but Bieber’s camp rejects that claim. They say it was just a guest at a party. The woman is seen at the end of the clip blowing Biebs a kiss.

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