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Researchers at Stanford University say a 30-year-old infertile woman gave birth after surgeons removed her ovaries and re-implanted tissue they treated in a lab. The technique is still in the early, experimental stages. (Oct. 7)

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Steve Austin takes the recuperating Jaime Sommers to their hometown of Ojai in an attempt to jog her memory. Unfortunately this only results in her getting violent headaches and confusing flashbacks. When she asks to be send on a mission in order to get her mind on something else, Steve goes along and the flashbacks only increase. Austin comes to the conclusion that it is his presence which is the cause of Jaime’s condition.

Steve Austin has proposed to Jaime Sommers and a wedding date is set. When Oscar Goldman plans on sending Jaime on her first assignment, Steve is very reluctant and insists on joining her. Furthermore Jaime keeps having bionic malfunctions and increasing headaches.

Steve Austin’s bionic legs are heavily damaged during a mission and while recuperating at Dr. Rudy Wells’ hospital, he catches a glimpse of his fiancée Jaime, Sommers still alive but recuperating. It turns out Well’s assistant Michael Marchetti used experimental cryogenics to preserve Sommers and nurse her back to health However, owing to some slight brain damage, Jaime no longer remembers anything about her past life.

Rachel Peachey was adopted by an Amish Mennonite family but always had a desire to know her birth mother.

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Check out Miley Cyrus like never before showing off her daring body assets in her latest V Magazine photo shoot in this video.

Justin Bieber’s latest antics are not-safe-for-work. TMZ obtained images of the pop star naked and holding a guitar in front of his private parts. The tabloid says the Biebs was visiting his grandmother’s house for Canadian Thanksgiving in October 2012, and serenaded his grandma in his birthday suit. Gillian Pensavalle (@GillianWithaG) has more.

The Masters of Sex star responds to a battery of cheesy pickup lines on the set of her GQ photo shoot

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