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María nos da su punto de vista sobre el “Punto G”. Existe o es el simple nombre que le damos a ese punto de estar totalmente entregada al placer fisico y mental y explorar sensaciones sorprendentes, esa explosión conjunta de todo es encontrar el punto G. Que básico ponerle un nombre tan corto a tanto trabajo, para que “ellos” sepan que han llegado al punto. El punto de llenarte por todas partes. Visita de y deja tu comentario.

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A woman is suing her gynecologist for spraying her vagina with drain cleaner. It happened during a routine exam. He was supposed to use vinegar, but ended up using the drain cleaner with a 12 pH level – safe levels of pH is 7.5. The woman claims she can no longer have children and still experiences pain and irregular bleeding.

Una mujer desnuda y en lo oscuro tiene una claridad que nos alumbra de modo que si ocurre un desconsuelo un apagón o una noche sin luna es conveniente y hast…

The clip lets-go-to-a-hotel from Lost in America (1985) with Albert Brooks, Albert Brooks. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

Look at those bells. This is exciting. I like it. Let’s go!
-Aren’t you tired? -I’m excited!
I think we should do this tomorrow.
We’re here. Let’s do it now!
I think we should do it tomorrow. We’ll both be up and be fresh…
We should get married at the crack of dawn.
Okay, great idea. We’ll camp out under the stars, we’ll come back…
…we’ll be the first couple of the new day.
Great. Let’s do it.
Are you sure we want to camp out?
Yeah. Don’t you want to camp out?
Why don’t we make this like a real old-fashioned honeymoon?
Let’s go to the best hotel, get a honeymoon suite and just celebrate.
We don’t want to stay in Las Vegas. It represents everything we left.
It’s the worst money-grabbing place in the world.
Just tonight. Wouldn’t it be fun to have room service…
…make love in a big bed and watch porno movies?
Wouldn’t that be fun?
Porno movies?
We want to touch lndians.
We will, but just tonight, then never again.
We can take a bath together in one of those big tubs.
-You want to bathe together? -Yeah.
We haven’t taken a bath together in a long time.
Will this make you happy?
It’s yours.

It’s a Brad, Brad World Season: 2 Lock the doors and turn down the lights.

From 2006. We dissect this crazy bitch’s public access show, with the hilarious Kojo Prince (the only black guy I’d rip somebody’s eyes out for)

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She’s no stranger to crazy on-stage antics, but things got downright bizarre for Heidi Klum Thursday night during the finale of “Germany’s Next Top Model.

Women was born with two vaginas lost virginity twice.
She say her sex life is great.I bet it is!
Full story here

Watch What Happens Live Season: 9 Episode: 25 Phaedra Parks and Josh Groban guess the celebrity side boobs.

Kary Hernández en un burdel dándole una lección al hombre que la lastimo

7:15pm raining but warm , this woman took off her clothes on St. George Street and Cameron St. she was taken by Ambulance to the hospital . 2nd woman lately to be naked in the city in the last month , few weeks ago a woman was nude walking around the Sunny Brae Area by Price Choppers on Elmwood drive.

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