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A clip from Born on the Fourth of July (1989) with Tom Cruise, Willem Dafoe. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

I’m going to kill that fucking guy.
I got him once. I’ll kill him now.
You’ll see.
I’m serious.
Your body.
I’m just going to fucking kill him.
I’ll fucking kill you!
I’ll kill you, bitch!
You can’t talk to me like that!
Hey! Charlie!
Get out! Get out!
The bitch thinks it’s funny I can’t move my dick!
Fuck her.
I’ll kill you, bitch!
Fuck all you Mexican motherfuckers!
You don’t like it, get out!
Fuck you!
Hey! Don’t touch my friend.
Don’t you touch me!
Get the hell out!
Don’t come back no more.
I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for that fucking war!
Fuck you! Fuck all of you!
You sure you told him the right place, man?
I told him fucking Villa Rosa!
Villa Rosa?
Villa Rosa!
Villa Rosa, se?or, Villa Rosa.
Beautiful place.
Great whorehouse there, man.
Wait until we get there.
Beautiful women with big tits, small tits–
That goddamned slut. That Mexican scumbag cunt.
I think I saw a sign, Villa Rosa, Charlie,
10 minutes ago.
How far you going, taco head?
?Que pasa?
Wasn’t that turn back there– that sign that said "Villa Rosa"?
Look at the meter! It’s rigged!
He’s rigged the fucking meter!
Hey, asshole!
Hey, I told you fucking Villa Rosa!
What are we going to do now?

(C) 2009 Celtic Woman Ltd. under exclusive license to Manhattan Records

Minissha Lamba Beautiful Bollywood Actress

My Strange Addiction Lacey walks us through the abilities that her over-sized bust has provided her.

Pictures of a naked Prince Harry were published on celebrity website on Wednesday (August 22), showing the grandson of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth partying with a nude young woman in a hotel room in Las Vegas. A royal source confirmed to Reuters that the two photos were of Harry, who has a reputation as a partying playboy and is often linked to an array of women in Britain’s tabloids. According to TMZ, Harry and his friends had invited women from the hotel bar up to their VIP suite, where they played a game of strip pool.

Grammy-winning rapper and TV actor LL Cool J fought off a burglar in the kitchen of his Los Angeles house early on Wednesday (August 22) and held him there until officers arrived to take the man into custody. LL Cool J called police and the prowler, whose name has not been released, was taken into custody and transported to a local hospital.

Country star Taylor Swift’s latest single made a record-breaking entry in Wednesday’s Billboard Digital Songs chart, scoring the biggest digital sales week ever for a song by a female artist. Swift’s song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” quickly rose through the charts and gained strong radio play after its release last week, selling 623,000 downloads. The song also hit the Billboard Country singles chart, as Swift’s music has attracted fans of both country and pop.

Las chicas superpoderosas Z Ending 3 Sub Español

Interprete : Wiz-us
Tema : Toori Ame


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