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NAKED WOMAN in a pool & many more pranks Compilation 2014.

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Painting a nude woman by me Vesselin Andreev using oil paints on a watercolor paper. The title of this painting is “Untitled”. For more great paintings and f…

Upscale sushi restaurant serves food on naked women

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Una chica sexy queda solitaria en medio de la nada, así que decide desnudarse sin razón alguna.\r
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La comunidad de mujeres afrocolombianas de Cali conmemoró la octava edición del Concurso Anual de Peinados, los cuales fueron inspirados en sus raíces ancestrales. teleSUR

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A sales team runs half-naked on streets after missing sales quota.

What’s the worst punishment you’ve ever gotten at work?

Salesmen in Sichuan province, China were forced to run half naked down the street, after they were unable to reach their quota of business deals.

Over 20 sales representatives had to run in the 11 degree Celsius weather.

The employees had agreed to “streaking” in the cold if they didn’t meet their sales objectives.

The men ran 10 kilometers only wearing shorts, and the women ran five kilometers wearing thin clothes.

Being forced to run around in chilly weather is nothing compared to female employees at Apple factories in China who were reportedly forced to have abortions.

There is a law about how many children a family is allowed to have in China.

One woman who worked for Apple, Liu Ping said: “We were allowed to collect a salary only after it was confirmed that we were not pregnant. When discovered, pregnant women would be dragged to undergo forced abortions—there simply was no other choice.”

What do you think? Should companies be able to punish their employees?

Triple L (Sin Clase Graff)

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