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It is 9pm at the Milano 2012 fashion show and a security guard quietly watches models preparing for the Beachwear and Underwear section from his security booth. Peeping Tom or just doing his job?Stop violence against women!

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Director: massimo balloi

Previous news stories that you may have missed.

Previous news stories that you may have missed.

Chelsea Lately Season: 7 Episode: 1104 The "Keeping Up with The Kardashians" star is hounded by adult film companies! Hear which one wants her the most on "Chelsea Lately."

From Florida: A naked Miami man impaled his leg on fence while trying to elude police after assaulting woman.

God bless Florida! Just when you thought you might have to report on something dreary like Syrian chemical weapons inspectors, a guy goes and impales his leg meat on a fence while fleeing police. Oh! And he was wearing his birthday suit, because, Florida.

Before sunrise Tuesday morning, a man a woman was assaulted and called the police on her assailant. When police arrived, they found the man, naked except for his tennis shoes, fleeing the scene of the crime. They pursued him, but his cheetah like agility almost allowed him to get away, until he tried to jump a fence, but instead ended up penetrated by it. Only one type of assault goes with nudity, but it would be in poor taste to make light of such a crime, or the apparent karmic retribution visited upon the assailant’s person by the spike in the fence. I’m just sayin’.

Emergency responders had to cut away part of the fence and send it to the hospital along with the attacker, whose leg was still gripping the spike like a Chinese finger trap.


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Nicki Minaj posted a selfie of her in her Halloween costume, which almost isn’t a costume at all, because she’s hardly wearing any clothing.

mujer atiende y cuando se da vuelta estas con los senos descubiertos. Como eliminar los senos masculinos naturalmente y sin cirugias riesgosas solo con consumir alimentos salubdable ricos…

The clip mathildes-plan from Un long dimanche de fiançailles (2004) with Audrey Tautou. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

If I were you, Mathilde, I’d forget him.
Why chase pipe dreams?
If he was alive, you’d have heard from him.
He was taken prisoner.
And stayed with a German girl with braids and big boobs!
A Breton boy eating sauerkraut!
– Can I help? – Keep your feet on the ground.
I stand on my own two feet!
– What? – Never mind.
I heard you anyway.
But your dreams don’t stand up.
Manech can’t have been taken at Bingo.
Our men took the trench facing it.
Normally, it’s the winners
who take prisoners.
So he’s lost his mind.
Or he’s in hiding, to avoid hard labour.
Stop dreaming, Mathilde!
Face up to it.
You’ll find a husband, despite…
Something’s off-key.
I’ll find the "Mess Hall Marauder", Célestin Poux.
What can I get for you?
Or the Corsican’s whore. She might know more than me.
Tomorrow, I go to Paris.
What for?
To find a survivor from Bingo Crépuscule.

Heidi Montag suffered enough pain with her F implants to regret the procedure and undergo a breast reduction.

Nicki Minaj posted a selfie of her in her Halloween costume, which almost isn’t a costume at all, because she’s hardly wearing any clothing.

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