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Officials reopened a Maui beach Thursday, a day after a shark bit off the right arm of a German visitor about 50 yards offshore. The woman, who was about 20 years old, was snorkeling at Palauea Beach when the attack occurred. (Aug. 15)

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Robin Triple Dees is huge and muscular.

Tall Fitness Woman posing and flexing her muscles

Steve Austin reunites with his childhood sweetheart only to have her suffer a crippling accident which can only be rectified with bionic implants.

Glee star Naya Rivera just put out the hottest lyric video ever for her song “Sorry” featuring Big Sean.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson discuss the unrealistic expectations from watching porn and Hollywood movies instead of finding happiness, intimacy and potential true love in real life You’ve got a first name, a last name, a nickname and…a name for your genitals?

A school in Draper, Utah had a debate about thir school mascot. Iliza and Alexis like “The Lady Drapes”

Ein spitzer Schrei begrüßt die Besucher eines provozierenden Kunstwerks in Südafrika: Im einem ehemaligen Frauengefängnis in Johannesburg hat eine Künstlerin eine begehbare Vagina aufgebaut. Sie möchte damit eine Aussage zur Unterdrückung, aber auch zur Macht der Frauen treffen. Doch einige sehen in dem Werk schlicht und einfach nur Pornographie.

For this week’s Jack Has Your Back, he’ll be talking about how to get a tighter vagina.
Every guy that has been with a girl who has incredibly tight vagina knows that she is probably a keeper. Fucking a girl with a tight vagina’s a little bit like finding a pictures meet like feels like it was made for your hands. A tight vagina is like finding a glove that fits so well and feels like it was made just for you. Yes, tight vagina’s rule. However, things like age, childbirth and other factors can make that vagina go a little loose. No guy wants a loose vagina and no girl wants that either. Yet there are some ways to get your vagina intact, virginial shape again with two little magic balls called Ben Wa balls..
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Vaya dos pretendientas que tiene Leo, uno de los tronistas de MHYV.

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