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Alyssa Campanella, Shanna Moakler, Shandi Finnessey, and Susie Castillo all strip down naked for PETA to stop fur coat prizes at beauty pageants.

Watch how Kratos is with the naked ladies in this scene from God of War: Ascension.

Adamari Lopez, La Doctora Nancy Alvarez and Paula Arcila are freely talking about sex in the Spanish version of The Vagina Monologues. When asked by the Huffington Post if its difficult to talk about vaginas in public, Nancy Alvarez said, even for me as a sexologist, its difficult because of peoples views and education when it comes to sex. Adamari Lopez then added, it is very difficult to talk about such a personal topic. Paula Arcila said that at least this show is an opportunity for the vagina to have a voice. The show is running one week in Miami with hopes of going on a national tour.

Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen Tweets herself into trouble with this nude pic… But it’s all worth it.

Dakota Fanning enters into adulthood and celebrates by doing a nude scene. Its definitely going to be weird seeing Americas little sister like this.

Jennifer Lopez looks stunning in a ‘nude’ colored swimsuit on the set of her latest music video ‘Live It Up’ with Pitbull in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

las pinches borrachas q luego se ponen una peda de su madre disfrutenlo suscribanse.

In today’s show we talk about women throwing each other off cliffs, Kate Upton on a horse, new Instagram video, and everything else that mattered to me!

De Nederlandse rockband Golden Earring werd opgericht in 1961 door de tieners George Kooymans en Rinus Gerritsen. Zanger Barry Hay voegde zich in 1967 bij de groep, drie jaar later gevolgd door drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk. Op 11 mei 2012 is Tits ‘n Ass uitgebracht, het eerste nieuwe Earring-album in negen jaar tijd. “Ik vind het een echte Earring-plaat”, zegt Hay. “Zo zijn wij, zo klinken wij en that’s it.”

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An “eye for an eye” in Syria.

Amateur videos posted on Wednesday suggest tit-for-tat shelling between Muslim Sunni and Shi’ite villages north of Aleppo.

Here, Sunni rebels reportedly fired a rocket at the Shi’ite village of Nabbul.

That’s where pro-government forces have set up their staging post for a counter-offensive against rebels in the north.

Other footage, none of which Reuters can independently verify, purports to show shelling fired from Nabbul into the Sunni village, Mayer.

The sectarian nature of the fighting in Syria risks splitting the country between its various groups.

A combustible mix, in a conflict that’s already killed more than 93,000 people.

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Stacy’s Mom This raunchy and irreverent coming-of-age comedy focuses on four adolescent pals whose raging hormones zero in on the sexy mother of their friend Stacy. Starring Brittany Powell and Dennis Haskins (Saved By the Bell)

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