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Claudia Black (Chloe from Uncharted 2) talks about her character’s…”design”


With hard-core porn just a click away, one entrepreneur is crusading to show sex in a softer light.

Teen sensation Miley Cyrus has reportedly been offered a part in a softcore porn film. The pop star actress is believed to have received a contract worth a million dollars to appear fully naked.

Žoldáci spravedlnosti (upoutávka EN+CZ tit)
Žoldnieri spravodlivosti
Mercenary for Justice

Drama / Akční

USA / Jižní Afrika / Aruba, 2006, 93 min
Režie: Don E. FauntLeRoy
Hrají: Steven Seagal, Jacqueline Lord, Roger Guenveur Smith, Luke Goss, Langley Kirkwood, Michael K. Williams, Shirly Brener, Lesley-Anne Down

Seagal hraje žoldáka, který se zaplete do mise ohrožující životy jeho blízkých. V zájmu úspěchu musí proniknout do jedné z nejlépe chráněných východoevropských věznic a osvobodit syna největšího drogového krále současnosti.


In a clip taken from Keith Lemon: The Film, Kelly Brook is stripped down to lingerie and showing off her sexy big boobs… in Keith’s imagination.

Keith Lemon: The Film is out on 24 August 2012

Relax people; you have not seen Emma Stone’s naked body! Rather, you saw some other young woman’s naked body, who at one pointed opted to take a very risqué mirror selfie which somehow ended up on web and went viral after people thought it was Emma showing off her parts.
A nude selfie that surfaced online shows a red-haired woman bearing a resemblance to ‘Easy A’ actress. In the undated snapshot, the woman’s fully nude reflection in the mirror is visible, although her face is partially cut out of the picture.
However a source close to Stone is adamant and says it’s just not her.
Seems like people believe what they wanna believe! What do you think guys? Is it she on the pic or some other girl?
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When Jackie’s dad forces her to quit dancing and concentrate on her schoolwork, the girls decide to secretly enter the National Dance Competition in Singapore, proving that she can dance and get 100% on her report card. Knowing that to have any effect on Jackie’s dad, they will have to have to win the competition, they ask Michelle to choreograph a routine for them. When they discover that Chelsea’s dad has also expressed interest in employing Michelle, they realise it’s not just hard work they are competing with. For three days, the girls dance while they walk, work, study and sleep, knowing that Michelle will only train them if they prove their commitment. Hours before their performance however, tragedy strikes! Ally rolls her ankle leaving her with severe pain and weakness. As hard as she tries, it all gets too much for her and mid routine, she falters, leaving what should have been a perfect performance, insufficient. What’s more, Chelsea and her dad arrive, assumingly to finalise lessons for Chelsea in return for a new dance studio. With the odds against them, it seems Jackie’s last chance to impress her father is all but gone. Does this mean she will have to quit dancing for good?

Jayden Marie Nude – Bare Minimum (Playboy Cybergirl)
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