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Kanada’da eşcinsel bir porno filminde oynayan Danimarkalı balet, eğitim gördüğü okulundan kovuldu.

Geleceğin bale yıldızı olması beklenen Jeppe Hansen, eşcinsel porno filminde oynadığı tespit edililince, bursu kesildi ve okulu terk etmesi istendi.

An account listed as Amanda Bynes has been sending out very bizarre tweets lately, including a very raunchy one about rapper Drake. But she’s not the only celebrity to have some eyebrow-raising Twitter comments. Kristina Behr takes a look at some of the biggest offenders, including Donald Trump, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Blake Shelton.

Activistas antitaurinos se han desnudado ante el museo de Bilbao para reclamar la abolición de las corridas.

In a March 2007 interview, The Crown frontman Johan Lindstrand revealed that Deathrace King was his favourite album amongst The Crown’s discography. “The whole album has very intense, good songs”, remarked Lindstrand. “There are no ups and downs on that album, but all pure ten pointers every song.” Tomas Lindberg appears on Devil Gate Ride and Mika Luttinen from Impaled Nazarene appears on Total Satan. Ejercicios para Agrandar los Senos

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Como hacer crecer los senos de forma natural y segura, para esto te voy a enseñar como elegir los mejores alimentos que te van a proporcionar fitoestrogenos naturales que se encuentran en determinadas hierbas, permitiendote hacer crecer los senos o bustos o pechos naturalmente. Ahora como agrandar los senos naturalmente sin cirugia esta a tu alcance, descubre como en:

Kim Kardashian sports her most revealing post-baby outfit yet as she heads out to dinner with her boyfriend Kanye West.

TCSV Womens Volleyball Training Camp

A Marana, Arizona woman broke her ankle jumping out of the second-storey bedroom of a 15-year-old boy after the boy’s mother discovered them together.

It was 2am and the teen’s mother was woken up by loud noises coming from her son’s bedroom.

She went to investigate and discovered a naked woman attempting to hide in plain sight.

The woman quickly got dressed and jumped out of the bedroom window hoping she could get away before being recognized.

The impact broke her ankle, forcing her to feebly limp away from the home. But she decided to come back half an hour later to complain that she had broken her foot and in the process revealed her identity to her teen lover’s angry mother.

The woman, 34-year-old Keri Gonzalez, was a family acquaintance whom the boy’s mother had allegedly previously castigated for ‘flirting’ with her son.


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