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A Brazilian Wax Job is a wax job done on a woman to completely remove all of her pubic hair leaving her groin area smooth and clean. This is a documentary th…

Stacy Keibler nude upskirt in Vince’s office and then dancing sexy on a table! See WWE Divas nude at


Licence request: Urban Latin Records

Urban Latin Records, the sucessfull independent LATIN is a division of KIWI Distributions & Publishing GmbH. With more than 250 signed artists worldwide, one of the most powerfull independent latin label with more than 500’000 sold CDs and nearly 100 CD releases a year! We have more than 20 years of music and distribution experience. URBAN LATIN RECORDS has developed a music publishing and licensing platform to maximize the value of the copyrights. URBAN LATIN RECORDS owns the worldwide licensing and publishing rights for most of the artists. URBAN LATIN RECORDS offers licenses for compilations, commercial productions, films and television. URBAN LATIN RECORDS gives a worldwide presence to songs and uses the same high energy in a way that only independents can!
► Billboard End Year Charts 2013: Urban Latin Records is No.4 of the


The clip the-boobie-watcher from Role Models (2008) with Seann William Scott, Bobb’e J. Thompson. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

You sure do like boobies, Ronnie.
I sure do.
Sometimes I call myself the Booby Watcher.
Even got my own comic book. Adventures of the Booby Watcher.
Okay. You know, I got a theory about boobies.
Really? Yeah.
You see, there are as many women as there are men on this planet.
True that, true that.
And every woman has two boobs, for the most part.
So therefore, there’s twice as many boobs as there are men.
We’re outnumbered, and it’s overwhelming.
We’re powerless. We have to accept it.
I like your take on boobies.
And I like boobies.
Kid, you got a lot to learn.
I know what I’m doing. Really?
So you’re aware that you’ve committed one of the most
common rookie boob-watching errors?
What you mean?
Never stare at the boobies, kid.
Yeah, once you get caught, the game’s over.
But how? It’s called training.
You know, being aware without drawing attention.
You don’t think I’ve noticed the 34-C’s in the camouflage tank top
setting up the tent directly to the left of us?
How about those twin cannons hiking up the mountain ridge 50 yards due west?
Or the ridge itself?
Round mounds of grass shaped like…
Don’t look over there. Look here.
Yeah, focus. You’ll get it.
Too bad old Sweeny herself couldn’t come up here for this trip.

TSCV – Womens Volleyball Jan2-2013

Complément au tutoriel “la marche sous daz studio “
-les principes.
outil utiliser:
p4 nude woman-Poser 4 / daz 3 puppeteer/note pad 2++
conforming clothes pour P4 nude woman
Motage Aftereffect

NAKED WOMAN in a pool & many more pranks Compilation 2014.

Relax people; you have not seen Emma Stone’s naked body! Rather, you saw some other young woman’s naked body, who at one pointed opted to take a very risqué mirror selfie which somehow ended up on web and went viral after people thought it was Emma showing off her parts.
A nude selfie that surfaced online shows a red-haired woman bearing a resemblance to ‘Easy A’ actress. In the undated snapshot, the woman’s fully nude reflection in the mirror is visible, although her face is partially cut out of the picture.
However a source close to Stone is adamant and says it’s just not her.
Seems like people believe what they wanna believe! What do you think guys? Is it she on the pic or some other girl?
Do like this video and leave your opinion in the comments section below.

Creditos A UNETE!

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