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A sexy Armani Jeans series of commercials featuring Hollywood star Megan Fox, Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, and Spanish tennisman Rafael Nadal . In the commercial with Cristiano Ronaldo features the French journalist Lorraine Denis as the maid.

An Italian series of commercials produced for Emporio Armani Jeans between 2010 and 2011.

Stars like Emporio Armani

And we like the stars

Black & white celebration

The music tracks were specially made for those commercials.

Une série publicitaire sexy réalisée pour Emporio Armani Jeans avec la star hollywoodienne Megan Fox, le footballeur portugais Cristiano Ronaldo, et le tennisman espagnol Rafael Nadal. Dans la publicité avec Cristiano Ronaldo figure la journaliste française Lorraine Denis dans le rôle de la soubrette.

Une série publicitaire produite pour Emporio Armani Jeans entre 2010 et 2011.

Les stars aiment Emporio Armani

Et nous aimons les stars

Célébration en noir & blanc

Les musiques ont été spécialement crées pour ces publicités.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks about his directing debut and playing the porn addicted Don Jon. Julianne Moore explains why she fell in love with the script.

The clip switching-again-for-the-night from The Change-Up (2011) with Jason Bateman, Jason Bateman. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

And when they find it, we’re going to switch back.
We had to pee because we were drinking.
We were drinking.
That sounds like a plan. Can you start the bath for the twins?
Okay, pumpkin, this is…
Mitch, no.
Don’t call me pumpkin, okay?
And you promised me that you would clean out…
Can you shut this off?
It smells like cabbage now! Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, sit down.
One second. Just humor me, all right?
I want you to ask me one thing…
I don’t want to play your games.
…That only Dave would be able to answer.
Just one question. Please, I’m begging you.
Good idea.
Okay, when is our anniversary, Dave?
April 17th. Next question, please.
So close. Nineteenth.
Seventeenth’s your daughter’s birthday, 19th’s your anniversary.
- Why do you know that? – Do you think I’m a monster?
I send you a card every year. Jamie, listen to me.
Ask me anything else.
Oh, my gosh! Mitch,
I don’t have time for this!
Come on, one more. Just make it tough.
Only Dave would know. A stumper.
Fine. What is my favorite color, Dave?
Red. Celadon.
Do you not understand what we’re trying to accomplish here?
Not a drop of the red in the room.
All the accents are celadon.
It’s like the opposite of help.
Okay, honey, I got it.
I’m going to tell you something
that only I, Dave, would know.
Three years ago, you took your vibrator…
- You took your vibrator… – Morning!
…Into the bathtub and it short-circuited
and it electrocuted your vagina.


Entonces, Como Aumentar El Busto Naturalmente?

Una de las mejores maneras de aumentar el tamaño
de sus senos es con la ayuda de ciertas hierbas.

Las mujeres modernas han estado haciendo uso de
hierbas que se utilizaban hace cientos de años
para estimular el crecimiento del busto

Algunas de las hierbas más importantes son; el
fenogreco, ñame silvestre, damiana y la palma

Son extraordinarios los resultados proporcionados
por la Pureria Mirifica.

Esta es una hierba originaria de Tailandia y

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From The Movie:Okada Rider

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Entrevista de Ruth Núñez, Rebeca Valls y Diana Lázaro en con motivo de la representación en el Palacio Euskalduna de Bilbao de ‘Monólogos de la Vagina’. Agosto de 2011.

Documentation of a show of watercolors at an artist run gallery in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada. 23 paintings by Bob Morouney. Video by Hidden House Press.

ایک احمدی خاتون نے مذہب احمدیت کی مقدس کتاب “تذکرۃ” کو زمین پر پھینکا یہ کہنا ہے اُس خاتون کے خاوند ملک مشتاق احمد کا، یاد رہے کہ تذکرۃ میں جہاں مرزاغلام احمد قادیانی کے الہامات درج ہیں وہاں اس میں قرآنی آیات بھی درج ہیں جو بقول مرزا صاحب اُن پر بطور وحی نازل ہوئیں۔اب یہ صرف احمدیہ مذہب کی مقدس کتاب کی توہین ہی نہیں بلکہ قرآنی آیات کی بھی توہیں ہوئی ہے۔

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