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3_KILLA_BYTES are getting sexy and blonde in this big titty review of LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW. Find out how over the top and under the skirt this hack and slash grinder really is. In this episode of 3KB Kat doesn’t get offended, Jay loves zombies and Mike shows everyone his tits. Grab your lollipops from your local convenience store and bring your trusty severed head counterpart into this bloody bright star and rainbow battle that only has one purpose. Prepare to get you socks knocked right off and slapping your inner blonde in the face.

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This is a still from the movie ‘Mr. & Mrs. Player’. Hong Kong starlet Iris Chung said that when she filmed her sexy shower scene completely nude, the crew didn’t leave the set. With all those people watching, she felt extremely awkward, but with the help from director Wong Jing, she was able to get through the scene.


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Famous for featuring naked models, Playboy Magazine first launched in 1953 with Marilyn Monroe on the cover. The New York Times reports, however, that the print edition of Playboy magazine will cease publishing images of naked women early next year. The magazine will still feature photos of women, but they’ll just be more “PG-13.” The revamped Playboy will continue to include investigative journalism, interviews, and fiction, as well as a new sex column written by what they describe as a “sex-positive female.”

Larry King Now Season: 2 Former porn star turned author Jenna Jameson Reveals To Larry King her support of using condoms in adult films.

If you think Taylor Lautner’s next movie, Abduction, is just an action flick, think again. “I call it an action-drama-thriller-romance,” the Twilight star said yesterday at MTV’s Video Music Award’s. “It’s got everything.” Including getting up close and personal with his leading lady, Lily Collins 

Mostrar fotos sugerentes ha sido algo que ha acompañado a la actriz desde hace años y ahora que va a celebrar su sexto aniversario de boda con Ashton Kutcher no iba a ser menos. Por eso, Moore ha regalado a sus seguidores una fotografía como Dios la trajo al mundo. 

Do No Harm Season: 1 Episode: 3 As Dr. Cole struggles to save the victim of Ian’s latest violent outburst, Dr. Jordan begins to suspect that Jason is more dangerous than he seems.

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