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Broken News Daily is a nonprofit organization that surgically repairs female genitalia mutilation victims in West Africa. They have decided to officially make the first full week in May, Clitoris Awareness Week.

Japanese High Quality Movie Making strikes again.

Thanks to all of you who watch/like/playlist/tweet/etc. I upload new videos every Tuesday sooooo…subscribe please! It makes me smile.Download the song: htt…

All the geeks come together on May 25th Geek Pride Day is for you ! Nerds at heart Agfa – Denmark – 1998. Sunfresh – Denmark – 2000. Pepsi – USA – 2011. Pepsi – United Kingdom – 2008. Fallsview Casino – USA – 2011. Tous les geeks se rassemblent le 25 mai Le jour de la Geek Pride est fait pour vous ! Geek par nature Agfa – Danemark – 1998. Sunfresh – Danemark – 2000. Pepsi – États-unis – 2011. Pepsi – Royaume-Uni – 2008. Fallsview Casino – États-Unis – 2011. Plus de Pubs : … Tous droits réservés. Pour toute information, contacter

Get the full monty in your own car, for a price! Price of success / Better be prepared Country: UK Brand: Ford Year: 1998 Agency: Ogilvy Director: Mark WILLIAMS Plus de Pubs : … Tous droits réservés. Pour toute information, contacter

Breaking news – FEMA REVEALED – NAKED TRUTH – SLAVE camps are coming… research it yourself. Your only solution will be having a strong enough income to escape – warning of globalist agenda. Start earning NOW.

KUMPULAN DANGDUT BEJAT KLIK (Perú Hoy). Les invito a que se suscriban a mi canal, de ese modo podrán acceder a mayor información y contenido audiovisual. …

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