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The clip lets-go-to-a-hotel from Lost in America (1985) with Albert Brooks, Albert Brooks. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

Look at those bells. This is exciting. I like it. Let’s go!
-Aren’t you tired? -I’m excited!
I think we should do this tomorrow.
We’re here. Let’s do it now!
I think we should do it tomorrow. We’ll both be up and be fresh…
We should get married at the crack of dawn.
Okay, great idea. We’ll camp out under the stars, we’ll come back…
…we’ll be the first couple of the new day.
Great. Let’s do it.
Are you sure we want to camp out?
Yeah. Don’t you want to camp out?
Why don’t we make this like a real old-fashioned honeymoon?
Let’s go to the best hotel, get a honeymoon suite and just celebrate.
We don’t want to stay in Las Vegas. It represents everything we left.
It’s the worst money-grabbing place in the world.
Just tonight. Wouldn’t it be fun to have room service…
…make love in a big bed and watch porno movies?
Wouldn’t that be fun?
Porno movies?
We want to touch lndians.
We will, but just tonight, then never again.
We can take a bath together in one of those big tubs.
-You want to bathe together? -Yeah.
We haven’t taken a bath together in a long time.
Will this make you happy?
It’s yours.

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The clip elmo-vs-cookie-monster from The Five-Year Engagement (2012) with Emily Blunt, Alison Brie. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

My ex-fiancée has been on my mind a lot
and I feel like that’s something I need to explore.
Well, she’s an old bitch! There.
I just explored it for you. Done?
It’s hard to have this conversation with you.
You need to explore it, Tom?
You were with her for 5 fucking years. That’s a really long time.
What else is there to learn about her?
Oh, God!
I don’t really know the answer to that,
but I just think I need to find out.
What are you thinking? You’re so stupid.
You’re so stupid. You’re going to leave me?
You’re going to leave this?
For saggy tits and a loose vagina? Really?
Oh, God!
I’m sorry to do this to you.
Shut the fuck up.
You know what? You should just go, Tom.
Just go. Go! Go have fun. Have fun with your old woman.
Go fucking read at night together.
You can go through menopause together.
And you can go your little prostates checked.
Check each other for lumps all the time
and do those kinds of things together.
And then go get some Crocs, so your back doesn’t hurt.
And then you can go walk on the beach
and fuck each other with your gross, wrinkly balls.
That’s another thing. You’re getting fucking fat.
It’s really hard to have sex with someone
when you can’t breathe underneath them.
Can’t breathe, like, I feel like I’m going to die every time.
You should leave. I’m going to say mean things.

The clip the-union-meeting from North Country (2005) with Charlize Theron, Jeremy Renner. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

We all thank Mr. Sharp and the others for their enthusiastic comments.
Before we take the oath, are there other brothers who want a turn at the gavel?
Yeah, I’d like a turn at the gavel.
Oh, she’s really lost it now.
Get the fuck out of here!
Get your ass home!
I asked if any brothers would like to speak.
Bylaws say no meeting can adjourn if a member wants to speak his or her mind.
I got your gavel right here, bitch!
I am s…
I’m still a member of this union.
– Come on. Come on! – Well?
– Say it! – Yeah!
– My… My name is Josey Aimes, and… – Hey, Josey!
Show us your tits!
Don’t look at me, Hank! I’m not the one can’t control his family.
Listen… No. Rules say she gets to talk.
You can have the gavel next, but right now she’s got it.
– I’ll take it next and… – All right, but she’s got it!
She’s got it.

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