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This episode offers a look at very different sides of the porn industry, as Louis interviews both male and female porn stars. He reveals the problems a lot o…

A science teacher explains the evolutionary forces behind porn’s appeal, how the brain changes in response to super-normal stimulation, and what makes today’…

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Most D and C’s are performed because the patient has complained of unusually heavy menstrual bleeding.

Watch What Happens Live Season: 9 Episode: 64 Part II: Peter Facinelli reveals the difficulties of grabbing boobs on "Nurse Jackie" and Joe Manganiello sounds off on his freaky Twitter followers.

3 KILLA BYTES would like to apologize for this late review of THE A-TEAM. 3KB has just been to damn busy avoiding explosions and flying tanks that they couldn’t complete this review on time. Behold a balls to the wall action review of this TV show remake. Jay doesn’t like to waste time, Mike is hairy and has no boobs and Kat makes weird sounds when she is angry. So load up your guns and grab your Cuban cigars because 3KB loves it when a plan comes together……or not.


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