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Oitenta e dois por cento das francesas que responderam a um questionário realizado com 579 mulheres já assistiram a um filme pornô. É o que mostra uma pesquisa divulgada nesta sexta-feira.

The first 15 minutes of this is about showing proper respect for America’s heros. I found out one reason that is so important to God is because it’s impossible to comprehend all that God has done and will do for us, but to pay attention to the sacrifices of America’s heros, (or any heros of faith, like Ghandi or Bible heros), is a very good parallel to what God has done for us.
This has an “I love you Goodbye” to the pornos in the last 28 minutes of this video. I was hoping that God would bless us with a visit from heaven if I put America’s heros first in this video and that’s exactly what happened.
The original version of this is RATED X at #169 (bottom of page 2) at The only thing it has extra is the song by Collective Soul called “DECEMBER songs I no longer sing”, (like the 8 christmas songs at 61 min on #163a at the .info site). DECEMBER’s with a porno at 25 minutes but this RATED R version of 169 has more information so they are both 44 minutes long.

Watch What Happens Live Season: 10 Episode: 39 Padma Lakshmi reveals what she’d flash her boobs for in this New Orleans-themed game.

NBC TODAY Show To celebrate her friend and co-host’s 60th birthday, Hoda Kotb wrote a special rap song for Kathie Lee that jokes at some of the pitfalls of getting older, like saggy boobs, flappy arms and using Botox.


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Do No Harm Season: 1 Episode: 9 When Dr. Marcado’s kill drug throws Jason’s brain chemistry askew, Ian begins to surface in the daytime, wreaking havoc on the hospital.

Her first driving lesson could not have ended any worse. She definitely had trouble locating the brakes.

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A Florida woman who once lived with a man accused of killing and dismembering a man’s body this week called it a horror show.

“Best Of The Week- WTF-
A Size Zero Girl Goes Obese Only To Win “”Big Beautiful Woman,
Tooth Implanted In Eye To Regain Blindness,
World’s First Nude Ocean Swim in Australia,
Donna Simpson World’s Heaviest Mother,
Father Encourages Daughter To Have Sex Before Marriage
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