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Who wants to see Lady Gaga get completely naked and chant for a meditation called Abramovic Method?

Members of the nude feminist protest group Femen staged a demonstration outside London’s City Hall on Thursday against the presence in the Olympics of Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia, where women do not enjoy equal rights with men.
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2nd series. Connie sets out to do all the guild quests. Permanently nude, of course, and manages to make some other women go naked too. Thanks to Caliente’s body mod, available at

No lo encontré y decidí subirlo. Este es el ultimo tema del disco “Tengo razones para seguir” de 1988. Ah, además lo adorné con una que otra imagen de pintur…

Police in Russia were called to a home where a naked woman was spotted with her head stuck in a stair railing. She told police that she got her head stuck during in an attempt to ‘spice things up’ with her boyfriend who reportedly left her in that position. Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) has the rest.

A thief immediately pays the price after snatching a cell phone from this woman. Wrong person to mess with!
Texas police arrested 18-year-old Corpus Christi woman Taylor Burnham early Saturday after finding her standing completely naked except for cowboy boots between her jeep and someones backyard fence. Burnham attempted to evade arrest by driving off in her jeep at 30 miles per hour, and was arrested 1.5 miles later. Talk about a fast and furious car chase, it lasted a total of 120 seconds.

Burnham was arrested for evading arrest and driving while intoxicated. Now the million dollar questions are how she got herself into that situation to begin with, and whether she will ever wear those boots again. 

Russell Crowe accidentally tweeted a naked photo of a woman, but he is using the age-old celebrity excuse that his phone was hacked. Okay, Miley Cyrus.

Double Divas Season: 2 Episode: 1 Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms gives Molly pointers on her dancing while the Divas suggest Abby to come into their store for a better bra.

Double Divas Season: 2 Episode: 1 Molly helps a sprightly 109 year-old woman pick out a bra for her birthday because the older woman’s spirit inspires Molly.

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