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The neighbors of alleged kidnapper Ariel Castro say they’d seen suspicious things around the suspect’s home, such as closed doors in the summertime and a naked woman in the backyard. The neighbors are now questioning why police didn’t find the women sooner. CBS News’ Terrell Brown reports.


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(1217 CR M17)PORNO WEBSITES EXPOSED DATELINE: Dec 17, 2010 LENGTH: 00:01:03 PIC/VO Meanwhile, the government’s crackdown on pornography continues – with 19 more websites identified as having obscene content. It means more than 19,000 websites have been blocked – or shut down – in anti-porn operations that began last year. As part of the country’s latest efforts to clean up the Internet, the General Administration of Press and Publication released Thursday a list of pornographic websites. Among them, 17 websites were found to have provided online pornographic flash games. The other two sites were listed due to their download services which offered mobile phone games with lewd content. Authorities have told the websites to delete all pornographic content.Those who fail to do so will be shut down. As part of an ambitious nationwide campaign to erase pornography from the Chinese media and publications, government officials periodically publicizes lists of websites which are found Powered by Producer : Xinhua News Agency

RIPRESO DAL CANALE YT DI REAND94 ORA CHIUSOPurtroppo ovviamente anche la descrizione del video si è andata a perdere, per questo se avete domande chiedete pure.YuGiOh Abridged is by LittleKuribohThe original series is by Kazuki Takahashi-4kids!

Hot wasted tattooed white trash girl and her friend get blackout drunk and start fighting. After a guy gets the drunk chick to back up, she hits him in the face and throws his hat and glasses into the pool. Things escalate quickly when she runs up, kicking a girl in the hot tub in the face, and fighting off over half a dozen security guards and staff members. She jumps backwards into the jacuzzi, splashes the staff, flashes her tits and pussy, and slaps her twat as if to say ‘come get it’. She goes on to almost drown one of the security members and much of the rest of the fight continues with her nips out and tits hanging hap-hazardly. Everyone who is seeing this who was on the cruise with us, had tons of fun! Someone should hit this girl up on Facebook so I can tag her.

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