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Además agregó que si se tiene la voluntad de abordar el tema de la corrupción se podrá realizar una asociación donde se incluya a personas de ambos sectores políticos, en la cual se estudie los orígenes y las causas de la corrupción en el país y cómo se podría llegar a abordar la corrupción.

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A new study by researchers in Minnesota found a link between consumption of sweetened drinks among older women and endometrial cancer.
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THANK YOU all so much for being a part of NGTZombies. I wanted to thank all of you by going back to the original CoD Zombies maps to start from and run a 30 Round Marathon on each map, one map per day until they are all complete. I’m going to be mostly telling stories about my life along the way, though I may use a few 30 Round runs to talk about some current events, like the launch presentation of the PS4.

Decided to run co-op on Moon where we will be completing the major Easter Egg to get all 8 perks on our run to Round 30.

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