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It goes up and down!
You know the song?

Country: Spain
Brand: El pais
Agency: Casadevall
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She’s On One: Naked Woman On The Streets Of Mount Vernon Wilding Out, Twerking & Quoting Montana “Ain’t Worried Bout Nothin” (Warning *NSFW*) Como eliminar los senos masculinos naturalmente y sin cirugias riesgosas solo con consumir alimentos salubdable ricos…

Thats what one film director compares his film about snowboarding to. At the premiere at one of Moscow’s leading film venues, Russian riders were hoping to attract more people to snowboarding.


Seems like this guy has it all figured out! Wonder what that woman was thinking after this dance routine?

Tribute video i made of Django Unchained with the songs Ten Million Slaves by Otis Taylor & Black Dog by George S. Clinton.
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THANK YOU all so much for being a part of NGTZombies. I wanted to thank all of you by going back to the original CoD Zombies maps to start from and run a 30 Round Marathon on each map, one map per day until they are all complete. I’m going to be mostly telling stories about my life along the way, though I may use a few 30 Round runs to talk about some current events, like the launch presentation of the PS4.

Decided to run co-op on Moon where we will be completing the major Easter Egg to get all 8 perks on our run to Round 30.

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