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Flores TIT… ideas con amor, la expresión de un corazón.
En Flores Tit, encontraras una sutil y elegante forma de expresar tus sentimientos de amor y gratitud a tus seres queridos.
¡Es fácil enviar flores!, reflejan lo especial e inolvidable que es disfrutar cada instante y reconocer el valor que tiene cada persona en tu vida, reviven la pasión del amor …. llama ahora y llénate de alegría, creando mágicos momentos…
¡Vive hoy la experiencia de la felicidad!. Si lo sientes; Demuéstralo!.

Malaika Arora walks the ramp for Vikram Phadnis at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour . She was the showstopper and brought her personal style statement to the ramp.Also Tenis Star Sania Mirza walks the ramp for fashion designers Shantanu and Nikhil at the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2012. Sania has a long association with the designer duo. She had worn a bridal dress designed by them at her wedding .

Ευχαριστώ πολύ τη Νικολέτα για το επεισόδιο.

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What’s YOUR vote for the best actress ever?
It’s not about how blonde you are / It’s just about talent
Country: Canada
Brand: Amour
Year: 2010
Agency: Cossette West
Director: Richard FARMER
Producer: Imported Artists / Greendot Films
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Police is investigating the case of a young woman who wonders around naked in Shanghai China. Also a similar case of a naked woman being arrested after showe…

Una mujer trepó al techo de la cabina de un camión de carga para bailar desnuda e insultar a la policía, provocando un colapso del tránsito por dos horas sobre una ocupada autopista del de Houston.

National Nude Day sweeps the country on July 14th, allowing participants to channel their inner streaker at various events. It’s the last in a series of clothing-optional holidays, including World Naturist Day, World Naked Bike Ride Day and World Naked Gardening Day. Priya Desai has more on the unusual celebration.

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Ahead of their Group B game at the European Championships in Ukraine, Germany and Denmark both put forward a team of leading pornographic actresses to represent their country. The scantily dressed ladies wore only booty shorts and painted on national team shirts to display their money making assets. The overtly sexual match was organized by website, and consisted of six ‘players’ from both countries playing off in a game on a beach pitch.

The clip lets-go-to-a-hotel from Lost in America (1985) with Albert Brooks, Albert Brooks. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

Look at those bells. This is exciting. I like it. Let’s go!
-Aren’t you tired? -I’m excited!
I think we should do this tomorrow.
We’re here. Let’s do it now!
I think we should do it tomorrow. We’ll both be up and be fresh…
We should get married at the crack of dawn.
Okay, great idea. We’ll camp out under the stars, we’ll come back…
…we’ll be the first couple of the new day.
Great. Let’s do it.
Are you sure we want to camp out?
Yeah. Don’t you want to camp out?
Why don’t we make this like a real old-fashioned honeymoon?
Let’s go to the best hotel, get a honeymoon suite and just celebrate.
We don’t want to stay in Las Vegas. It represents everything we left.
It’s the worst money-grabbing place in the world.
Just tonight. Wouldn’t it be fun to have room service…
…make love in a big bed and watch porno movies?
Wouldn’t that be fun?
Porno movies?
We want to touch lndians.
We will, but just tonight, then never again.
We can take a bath together in one of those big tubs.
-You want to bathe together? -Yeah.
We haven’t taken a bath together in a long time.
Will this make you happy?
It’s yours.

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