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Doce capítulos de ‘Sin tetas no hay paraíso’ han bastado para que esta adaptación de una telenovela colombiana consiga sentar cada miércoles por la noche a más de cuatro millones de espectadores. 

Fashion Star Season: 2 Episode: 7 Jessica and Nicole get their teams ready for a photo shoot with renowned photographer Timothy White.

The cleavage is back on trend and all the celebs are showing it off.

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Get that big bug out of my hair.
Girl in bath tube. Trying to get a bug out of her hair.

Más de doce horas de trabajo han dado un fruto impresionante. La modelo ha protagonizado una de las campañas de Astor más visuales y llamativas de todos los tiempos. Una sensual y provocativa imagen que la propia Heidi ha querido compartir demostrando que sigue en lo más alto de su carrera. 

I feel so cold,
Draw the wraps closer to me,
Yet it’s scorching as far as eyes could see.
I remember the time you told your friends,
“That’s the naked girl I sleep with”.

They marveled, for they had never,
Naively querying ‘bout the cost for the night.

“Nothing”, “she’s my girl, so it’s free alright.”
They secretly smirked,
Wondering about the novel introduction.
“Welcome to my world”, you said.

Ever since, I have been covered up,
I feel so cold,
I take more wraps to cover my soul,
And my sole identity.

The identity of a naked woman.

Shruti Goswami

Intro des p”tits bonhommes emissions de dessins animer sur

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