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The lifelike sculpture of a nearly-naked sleepwalking man is making a lot of girls at Wellesley College not so comfy. Called ‘Sleepwalker’ the statue is part of an exhibit at the school’s Davis Museum.

version mas naked que e visto.

La Mujer Desnuda (Stanny Abram Abracadabra Remix) Luis Armando Raytek ℗ 2014 Chira-Chara Recordings Released on: 2014-12-22 Auto-generated by YouTube.

Eso es lo que sucedió en Lille, Francia, cuando una bella modelo salió a pasear vestida con una camisa y una diminuta tanga. Claro que hay una trampa: si bien la chica estaba semidesnuda,…

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Budgie – Budgie (1971)
A Welsh power trio, they brought together the early psych and late British Blues to create a pretty unique sound. It also helps that Shelly Burke has a very distinct, rather high-pitched voice ala Geddy Lee and Tony Bourge has a super-bassy guitar sound, thanks to his use of four Marshall 4 1×18″ cabs. They make the guitar sound slightly out-of-phase and very deeply resonant.

The song writing on this, their debut record is fairly simple and direct right from the get go with ‘Guts’ – a bassy blues riff driving the song. Standouts include ‘Nude Disintigrating Parachutist Woman,’ a great mix of proggy riffs with a pulsing beat, excellent proto-rock. It also started Budgie’s penchant of weird song titles like ‘Crash Course in Brain Surgery’ and ‘Hot As A Docker’s Armpit’. ‘Homicidal Suicidal’ is a great closer to the record and rather upbeat feeling, despite the song title.

The copy on the back of the record is pretty unusual and made me laugh pretty good when I read it the first time. Very strange that a record company would down play the talent of the band and choose to mention they are not very gifted musicians!

I had a burned copy of this record for years, but could never come across an original LP until recently when Reckless Records came across one and I stopped by and snagged it up. Thank God for Reckless!

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