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Kesha’s MTV Reality Show Season 2 Premieres!
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Kesha’s My Crazy Beautiful Life season 2 premieres on MTV with ghosts and nanny cams! Whats up Animals, welcome back to ClevverMusic, Happy Halloween! Season 2 of “My Crazy Beautiful Life’ continues for Kesha, without the dollar sign. Last season was all about making her sophomore album “Warrior” and this season seems to be all about family. She’s on tour, and it’s a family affair. Yup- Mom’s on stage dancing the can-can in a giant penis costume. 14 year old brother Louie is dating and going through puberty, while Kesha is newly single. So Kesh and her Mom take it out on Louie, setting up a nanny cam in his bedroom in Nashville to spy on him when he’s hanging out with his lady friend. Out on the road Kesha stops in Cincinnati and takes the opportunity to stay at a haunted hotel, The Golden Lamb, in order to scare her cousin Kalen. As you know Kesha is obsessed with the supernatural. She even wrote a song about a sexy ghost encounter called “Supernatural”, about a ghost who was a ‘ho’, as Kesha described. So naturally, her assistant purchases a Ghost detector to see if there are ghosts in Kesha’s midst, which detects something supernatural in her stomach. Kesha proclaims, “Either my vagina is haunted or I’m pregnant with a ghost baby”. No wonder she’s single. Just kidding. To get rid of her ghost Kesha burns sage at her house and in between her legs, then hires a psychic healer to perform an exorcism, and also gets a colonic. This is a serious operation. But, it’s finally performing her vocally challenging song “Supernatural” at a haunted concert venue that is the ultimate exorcism. Kesha is finally ghost free. Phew. You can catch her show on MTV Wednesday night’s at 10:30pm. Tell us what you thought of this season 2 premiere episode? I’m Misty Kingma, I mean, Michael Jackson, thanks for watching ClevverMusic. Happy Halloween, OW!
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