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La cantante Katy Perry no ha tenido ningun reparo en psoar así de sexy para la revista Esquire, dejando claro que mantiene firme su estilo provocador y llamativo del que está muy orgullosa. Katy es ídolo de muchas adolescentes, y seguro que su carácter fuerte y provocador tiene mucho que ver. 

La cantante: ‘Oh Dios, ¿podrías darme unas tetas tan grandes que no sea capaz de verme los pies cuando esté tumbada?’

GQ could not have picked a hotter woman for their "Love Sex Madness" issue! Katy Perry sizzles on the cover of the mag and looks equally as hot on the inside pages. And despite her gorgeous face and ample curves, the 29-year-old denies ever having any work done telling the mag, "I’ve never had any plastic surgery. Not a nose, not a chin, not a cheek, not a tit. So my messages of self-empowerment are truly coming from an au naturel product." And when it comes to her chest Katy says she got some help from the guy upstairs. "I lay on my back one night and looked down at my feet, and I prayed to God. I said, ‘God, will you please let me have boobs so big that I can’t see my feet when I’m lying down??" Well, it looks like her prayers were answered. Check out Katy’s GQ photos here!

Katy Perry criticizes other pop stars getting naked and they should just put it away.

Long gone are the days of cupcaked boobs and revealing latex bodysuits for Katie Perry. In a recent interview with NPR, the Roar singer revealed that she’s buttoning up her blouses and focusing less on her sex symbol status. “I do see myself becoming this, whatever, inspiration out of default right now because it’s such a strange world. Like females in pop-everybody’s getting naked,” she said. But the singer says she’s not throwing stones at any particular singer out there…

Speaking with NPR , Katy Perry says she’s noticing a nude trend in her fellow pop stars these days and she’s not too thrilled about it. “Like females in pop — everybody’s getting naked. I mean, I’ve been naked before but I don’t feel like I have to always get naked to be noticed,” she told radio host Scott Simon.

Katy Perry criticizes other pop stars getting naked and they should just put it away.

Katy Perry ass and boobs grab in public

Katy Perry sparkled in a nude sequined gown as she was honoured with the Trevor Hero Award for her work ‘empowering LGBTQ youth’ at the Hollywood Palladium.

Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ is a middle-aged nightmare for her evangelistic mom wants to see the top of her daughter’s boobs. 

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