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Previous news stories that you may have missed.

Doctors in England are worried about the rising demand for female genital cosmetic surgery, also know as “designer vaginas.”

In today’s show we talk about Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who, the protests in Turkey, Taco Bell employees, and everything else that mattered to me.


Ethan, Lindsay, and Jimmy discuss innie and outtie vaginas.

Shaving a vagina… now with even more risk of injury! A new study in the journal Urology shows that genitourinary injuries have increased by five times over the past decade due to grooming-related reasons. Most of the injuries involved razors — 83 percent — and the most common injury type…

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Don’t click away Boomers, this show isn’t actually about vaginas. It’s just that whenever we do a racy show, we get a ton of viewers. Especially our Nudist episode, which has been viewed thousands of times on DailyMotion (though not YouTube, for some reason). Well I’m just here to tell you that despite your sick perversions, we here at the Boomer File will not be lowering our standards. Uh uh, no way. Not a bit. Well, maybe a little.

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